The new term has begun and my class has been a delight. Worries I had about slipping back to past behaviours and attitudes were unfounded and the first two days were great.

Apparently however, my blog has been upsetting some of my colleagues in school. This is the last thing I want to do because they are all wonderful and hard-working teachers. I have been thinking hard about what to do; I do not want to write anything which is bland and feel it is important to maintain a sense of criticality. My comments reflect the system of education as it is at the moment not any individual or school but I appreciate that for those within the system it is difficult to separate the personal from the generic. I need to say though that the head teacher has had no problems – she understands and supports what I have been doing.

I have decided that I am going to keep writing my weekly reflections but I will not publish them each week on this blog. I will publish them at the end of the academic year when I am no longer working in the school and am considering what format that will take.

I am aware that many trainee teachers and NQTs are following this blog and some find it helpful and supportive. If anybody would like to receive my weekly reflections – please contact me on and I will send them to you as a Word attachment.

I close with just one observation. I have frequently said I am turning into a grumpy old woman – one little boy in my class the other day called me ‘Gran’ by mistake!! It is time for me to accept the bitter truth!

One thought on “Sensitivities

  1. Margaret, it is a shame that you have felt the need to no longer post these reflections on your time back in the classroom so regularly. Reading through the posts it read to me as comments about the system in which we find ourselves working but I guess as an outsider that is easy for me to say whereas were I reading it within the same school I may well interpret them differently. I look forward to reading the rest of your reflections at the end of the year, some good holiday reading 😉

    When training three years ago I was very reticent about having to keep a reflective journal and I have to admit it was the piece of paperwork that I was least looking forward to having to complete. You and your colleagues, however, were insistent that it had great value and oh how wrong I was. By the end of the course I could hardly wait to sit down over the weekend and write about my week. This blog has inspired me to return to a regular reflective piece of writing and for that I have to say a big thank you.

    I look forward to reading about how your return to the classroom pans out over the rest of the year.


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