During the Autumn Term I am still working in ITT. We had the Phase 1 inspection in April and on Thursday the phone call came to say they were arriving on Monday for Phase 2. The university rang the school and I left straightaway to go and prepare. We were in the middle of phonics – we were learning the phoneme /igh/ and had been discussing the fact that it was a trigraph. I had asked the children if they could think of any other words with ‘tri’ in and H offered ‘triceratops’ – he was telling me that they have three horns on the top of their heads when I had to leave!

In the intensity of preparation for Ofsted I have been thinking a lot about this. My question to the children was moving away from the focus of the lesson and H’s response moved it even further away. Some of the children were distracted from the phonic content and wanted to carry on talking about dinosaurs; other thought of other words with ‘tri’ in – it was all good stuff but there was not a focus on the GPC. What a terrible teacher I am!

But maybe not…I have been thinking a lot about the nature of learning and how it is recognised and recorded. My preparation for Ofsted has accentuated my thinking. I will write about it in future blogs but for now I must continue counting – for it seems that only what can be counted or reduced to a simple statement which is explicitly evidenced, is valued.

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